How To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

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The use of content marketing is widespread online.  Many posts and articles are published with the intent to promote a particular brand or service.  Despite the efforts of most entrepreneurs, these marketing strategies usually result in limited engagement and lackluster sales.

This is because most business lack an effective digital marketing strategy. A digital marketing strategy includes a number of steps taken that will help the entrepreneur achieve goals (with the help of online marketing).    These must also be done in a timely manner for the best results.

 Identify your market.

Assess the appropriate age, income bracket and location of the persons to whom you would like to promote. Would your product appeal more to senior citizens or teenagers? If your business specialises in sales of ski equipment, then the locations of prospective customers would include areas in the United States and Europe that experience the winter season.


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Set goals.

You may find that short – term goals work best ( 500 more followers on your business page at the end of two weeks) or long – term (a 400% increase in sales by the end of the year).  These goals should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Set a Call – To – Action (CTA)

A call – to – action is simply an item on a web page that leads readers to take action.  This can be a ‘Buy Now’ button in an email or online store.  The button will lead customers to buy one of your products and you get sales.

Drive traffic to your website or social media business page

You can do this in a number of ways:

Social media marketing:  publish articles and social media posts that are useful to your readers.  Followers are more likely to engage with these types of posts.

Affiliate marketing:  use third parties to get sales to your website/online store.  The third party receives a commission for sales generated.

Email marketing:  attract customers with the use of electronic mail.  You can send emails to potential customers, alerting them to upcoming sales and restocked items.

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Analysis of results.

Look at your analytics to assess what types of posts get the best results.  Your followers may be more likely to read listicles and infographics instead of paragraph – filled articles with minimal images.

Digital marketers

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