Good Morning Snore Solution Review










Good health includes a good night sleep.

A few months ago, a family member told me that I snore.  This was very surprising to me, so I eventually did research and found out about Good Morning Snore Solution.

I received a complimentary anti – snoring mouthpiece from this company in exchange for my honest review.  This post also contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on GMSS’ link I will receive a percentage of sales made through said link.

Good Morning Snore Solution’s anti – snoring mouthpiece is developed by a dentist and medically recommended for the treatment of snoring, as well as other sleep – related conditions. It uses a tongue displacement method and is made of a soft BPA –  free silicone.  Unlike other devices which are made of hard plastic and restrains your jaw, your lips and tongue hold the Good Morning Snore Solution device in place.


The Product.


When I first took the mouthpiece out of the packaging, I tried it way before I was ready for bed. I did this to make sure I could breathe through my nose while wearing this product.  You need to be able to breathe through your nose while wearing this because the device is held securely by your closed mouth.  This anti – snoring product works by squeezing the bulb while placing the two ‘wings’ between your lips and teeth. The bulb creates a suction effect and gently holds the tongue forward thereby preventing the tongue from blocking your airways during sleep.

The Good Morning Snore Solution device and carrying case, before I ‘unboxed’ lol


I unpacked, you can see the Cleaning Solution crystals at the upper right.
The anti – snoring device.


The device fits nicely in its carrying case.


The ‘wings’ at the bottom fit between your lips and teeth horizontally. You can see the bulb on the top.
You would insert the device into your mouth and place the tip of your tongue in the ‘bulb’ (the almost oval shape in the middle)

The Review.


I began to get comfortable sleeping with the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece after approximately ten days.  On the first night, I did not squeeze the bulb too much so the device was not suctioned too tightly to my gums and teeth.  Therefore it popped out of my mouth while I slept and I woke up and popped it back in.  The device popped out again on the second night, but I managed to keep it in my mouth for the rest of the time, hooray! My throat felt less congested after the first night of use, I guess because my airway was more ‘open’ while I slept.

I experienced a little soreness on my gums (where the device rests during the night ) for about four days.  However, this soreness stopped after a few hours during the day.

I am quite pleased with this product and would recommend to those who snore and those who suffer from other sleep – related disorders.  You can click this affiliate link to purchase an anti – snoring mouthpiece, or a couple for you and your sleeping partner :).

Head on over to the Good Morning Snore Solution website (click here) to get a sound and comfortable night’s sleep!