Breakfast on the Estate

It was only by chance that I happened to come across this ‘Breakfast on the Estate’ event on Facebook.  I immediately made up my mind to attend although it was carded to start at 7am on a Sunday and the venue was approximately one hour away from my warm bed.
The event page promised gourmet items such as crepes, so I was glad to see a cuisine that was different from the traditional Trinbagonian breakfast.
I aimed to get there before half seven and I did, although I got lost and was heading randomly on a paved walkway on the golf course.
My apologies to all the Sunday morning golfers affected.


The Event.

The ‘Breakfast on the Estate’ event was held at the Carmel Valley Estate.  I must admit that I had never heard of this place before.   I should know of this venue because my alma mater Trinity College is situated less than ten minutes away.

The Estate was lovely, a small group of buildings nestled on one corner of the golf course.

The Food.

I spied the menu and firstly could not decide on what I wanted to eat.

I was one of the first to arrive before the crowds so I browsed the gourmet items downstairs first.

When I finally ordered and headed to the upstairs eating area. I found that it was a spacious area, neatly decorated and quiet.

This area got filled pretty quickly by customers enjoying their breakfasts.

I feasted on a grilled shrimp crepe from Seaver Street Eats.  I also had a blueberry parfait from Barry Bibby.  The creole cocoa tea from the Carmel Valley Estate was also enjoyable.
The Estate also had other gourmet goodies on sale.  These included coffee, honey, fruits and artisanal breads.

The downstairs area was filled by the time I had finished eating.

The Review.

The customer service was wonderful. Patrons were also assisted in parking by a couple of courteous gentlemen.  They were very patient, it is no easy feat getting me to park).

I hope they have this event again, the cuisine and ambience were highly enjoyable.

The Location.


Here are more photographs of the greenery which surrounds the Estate:


Blogmas 4 – DIY Christmas wreath

Check out how I recycled the wreath in this video:

Step by Step photos for wreath:





Caribbean Nail & Beauty Trade show 2015 (Photos and contact info)


Date: 8th November 2015

Venue: Centre of Excellence, Macoya.

I had never gone to a hair and beauty trade show but this was an amazing and enjoyable experience.

I set out with a semi pro camera also hoping to practice my photography skills ( turns out Art teachers have to teach more photography to our students).



Sexy Hair products are distributed by hairstylist Luis Enrique.  Their products include hairspray, spray clay and Smooth extender.

Distributor contact: 868-221-8019. 868-689-2529.

Fouf Caribbean, Dead Sea products from Jordan.
Contact:  868-484-0279, 868-302-1142
Women on the Edge Beauty Parlour features nail, hair, makeup and waxing services.
Location: LP#571 EMR, D’abadie.
Contact: 868-222-3595


Lester Rauseo, Miss Universe Makeup Artist offered makeovers.  He also facilitates makeup and image management workshops.
Contact:  868-332-4127
Happy Curls, Happy Girls offers products with natural ingredients.
Contact: 868-310-0430. 868-786-9154.
My World of makeup  Faces by Mel, makeup artist.
Contact: 868-758-6253.
Ambrosia cosmetics.  I was glad to peruse their makeup products since they are a local cosmetics company.
I bought one of their bright eye-shadows (these would be perfect for night time or Carnival wear).
Beauty Essentials Salon Supplies Co.
El Socorro: 868-289-2874.
Port-of-Spain: 868-289-2528
Arima: 868-776-0299
I live 4 Gems Jewelry Company Ltd.
Location: Golden Doors Plaza, PoS.
Clem Lue Yat – hairstylist and instructor.  He specializes in extensions for women who may have suffered some type of hair loss.
Contact: 868-773-5150.
 Flori Roberts, makeup specially created for women of color.
Master of Fades, barbering supplies.
Contact: 868-675-9112. 868-689-8088.
Kerly’s Artistic Nails.
Contact: 868-392-6580
Refine Home Style, distributors of spa and salon linens as well as bath, bed and home products, some of which are made from Egyptian cotton.
Contact: 868-797-5683.


Makeup competition.
Presentation of prizes to the winners of the Bridal Beauty competition.
1st place: Tina Maharaj
2nd place: Nicole Liverpool
3rd place: Kimora Edwards

It happened on a Sunday…

Typical Sunday:  early morning church service, coffee-flavored drink and head home to start cooking Sunday lunch.

It is the relaxed, rest-day vibe that makes me appreciate Sundays.
The day before we head straight into the waiting work week.
I took a few quick photos because I like this plant-inspired dress. Makes me blend into my surroundings, haha!






Dress: Trincity Mall store

Shoes: Payless

I headed to Linda’s in the western part of Trinidad for my coffee-flavored drink:



Leggings, road trip & coconut water.

   The Leggings Lookbook.

We decided to drive an hour or so away from home to buy a couple of home items.  Turned out to be a road trip filled with food, coconut water and a mall visit!  I am posing here in my blue-green bodice and grey leggings.

The Coconut Vendor.

My sister wanted some coconut water so we stopped by a coconut vendor so she could purchase.
Our next stop was Gulf City which is found in the southern area of my country.  I like their squishy tiles so I had to take pics of the ‘squishing.

Hakka Express for Lunch.

The meal from Hakka Express restaurant is always enjoyable.  They serve a mixture of Chinese and Indian cuisine, they are really delicious.
   I had some garlic fish, mixed vegetables and rice.

Wonderful World beauty supply store.

This was the first time that I visited Wonderful World in this mall.  Their vanity area was cute!  This branch was larger than the others that I visited before.  There was a wide variety of makeup products and the store was bustling with customers.

The Trip Back Home.

Then it was finally time to make the long journey back to my area.  The end to an eventful day.