6 Steps to Stellar Customer Service


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When it comes to making sure customers receive the best experience, we usually believe the job ends when the customer makes a payment and receives his product or service.

This is not the case.  The customer should be satisfied with the entire process.  A disgruntled customer with a less than spectacular experience will not hesitate to

a) post an unsavoury review on social media

b) run as far away from your company, never to return.

An online company such as an e-commerce website would have more difficulty retaining customers because the face – to – face relationship is absent.  This is why these types of enterprise need to maintain high standards when it comes to customer support.

Here are 6 steps call center agents should remember which will improve customers’ experience:


Answer Telephones Promptly.


No one likes to hear countless rings when they decide to dial a call center.  The customer may become even more annoyed.  They may even begin to feel like the company attended to their needs only until the end of the financial transaction.


Identify Yourself by Name.


A call center agent should greet the customer and state his name at the beginning of the conversation.  It helps to put the customer at ease and adds a name to the voice.


Listen Carefully to the Customer’s Complaint.


The person at the other end of the line may be frustrated with their issue.  They may need some time to explain this properly so this is not the time to express impatience with them and their problem.  When the call center agent remains calm, the customer is also more like to do likewise in this situation.


Guide Customers Verbally Through the Process.


The call center agent may have to transfer the caller, so it is important to let the latter know.  Transfers to other departments without prior notice will only result in a ticked off customer.  The agent must communicate first to the customer, then transfer him when the customer gives his consent.


Repeat the Issue and Proposed Solution.


The agent should be sure that he understands the issue.  After the customer agrees, the call center agent should outline how he intends to assist the customer in solving the issue.


Follow Up With the Customer.


The call centre representative should call or email the customer after a few days.  This should be done to make sure the customer is satisfied with the entire experience.  A follow – up call or email is also helpful because the agent can take this opportunity to remind the consumer of other available products and services.

One can find more solutions to enhancing customer experience by visiting the User IQ, a customer success website.  This customer success platform provides tools to collect data and help drive customers to your business.

Are you Manager Material? Five Tips for Effective Management

Technology’s Dark Side – When Machines Go Bad.










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It’s the new millennium and we are swamped with new machines almost daily.  From simple coffee makers and Roomba vacuums to Amazon Key and Tesla cars, these inventions serve to make human lives easier by decreasing the time spent on particular tasks.

However, all the instances of hacking and computer glitches can cause a bit of concern.  Let’s discuss a few popular inventions and some possible disadvantages of each one.


Tesla Cars.


These vehicles are produced by Tesla, Inc.  This company is well – known for their electric vehicles that use artificial intelligence to support self – driving and self – parking capabilities.  They also manufacture solar panels and solar roof tiles.

Although this company’s focus is on producing energy – saving solutions, they experienced some electricity – related product defects.  Tesla had to recall more than 50,000 vehicles in April, 2017.  They discovered the parking brakes of some vehicles jammed, which resulted in the vehicle’s inability to move.


Amazon Key.


I observed a video which gave details on this delivery process a few days after its launch and frankly thought that nothing good can come from the situation.

Here is how Amazon Key is supposed to work:

Amazon Prime members buy the In – Home Kit which consists of a camera and smart lock.  Amazon notifies the Prime member on the date of delivery.  They unlock your door, the delivery person places the parcel just inside your front door, then your home relocks.  The Amazon Prime member looks at delivery through the camera facing his front door and his mobile phone.  Sounds easy enough.

Some minor disadvantages of this process include runaway pets and streaking family members?  A major downside?  A recent article outlined a process which may disable Amazon’s camera.  This would allow Amazon delivery persons to search through the customer’s house undetected.  The article “Amazon Key Delivery Driver Could Knock Out Security Camera, Researchers Show”, highlights other disturbing issues with this type of delivery process.

Hop on to Amazon for some thought – provoking books by Andrew Charlton, co – founder of AlphaBeta Advisors.


Sophia the Robot.


Net we will discuss the slightly strange robot named Sophia.  She is now a citizen of Saudi Arabia and this seems to be the way forward in producing robots that will exist alongside humans in society.

Are we just going to forget that ‘destroying humans‘ conversation?  Those surrounding the bot took Sophia’s statement lightly however, it may be a completely different case if this invention ends up in the wrong hands.


The Tree Cutting Machine.


One of the most disturbing machines has to be the Tree Cutting Machine.  This machine was invented because a Finnish businessman grew tired of logging equipment that could not keep up with the job.

My concern?  This machine can be detrimental to both humans and nature.

Firstly, when one views the tree cutting machine at work, one sees how easily it uproots and severs trees.  Exchange those trees with humans and we may have a problem.

Secondly, this is a machine that helps to destroy the ecosystem that much faster.  Read this article by Andrew Charlton which discusses the effect automation may have on jobs in the future.

There are a multitude of defects that can crop up in any of these machines however, it is best to focus on the advancements and how they will help society.

Are you Manager Material? Five Tips for Effective Management

Are you Manager Material? Five Tips for Effective Management


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A great frog once said “It’s not easy being green”.  The same holds true about being a good manager.  For some, this job title conjures up images of power lunches and exotic Caribbean vacations.

This could not be any further from the truth.  A manager’s job involves a combination of planning and support.  We can compare this to making lemonade.  Take the lemons (the employees).  Add other ingredients such as sugar, water and some elbow-grease.  The result?  Refreshing lemonade (a completed project).

Let’s explore five characteristics that should be present in the ideal manager:

  • Goal Oriented
  • Ability to Motivate
  • Assertive
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Empathy

          Goal Oriented.

A good manager is one who keeps sight of the intended goal of his team.  Whether it consists of a particular sales target or a project deadline, he keeps a note because he needs to steer his employees towards this goal.  He is like a ship’s captain – he needs to direct his shipmates in a certain way so the vessel will reach the harbor.

          Ability to Motivate

Everyone on the team may have varying skills.  In addition, some may not be as confident as others when it comes to putting their particular strengths to work.  This is where the manager’s motivational skills come into play.  He knows how to gently encourage those who need it so everyone in the group will participate more equally.


We can return to the lemon – employee analogy here.  As we all know, some ‘lemons’ may be a bit more sour than others.  A manager needs to be tough enough to handle team members who are not willing to cooperate fully in the project.  There is usually a more outspoken group member whose personality overshadows the others.  The assertive manager works to make sure this person works together and does not compete with the rest of the group. 


 Good Communication Skills

A manager needs to be able to effectively explain instructions to employees.  In this way, there would be no misunderstandings concerning what needs to be done.  Staff members need to be reminded of their purpose – an ideal manager is capable of doing this.


Although we exist in the new millennium, the workforce is not filled with robots.  There are still lots of human employees with feelings, personal lives and obligations.  Managers need to be understanding but also assertive enough to not be a pushover.  Be prepared to pause and listen to any minor issue that may affect the employee’s performance on the job.

Master these skills and be on your way to effective management.

Marty Stallone is the Vice President at Metropolitan Management Group.  Read some articles by Marty Stallone here.

Read my article 5 Effective Time Management Tips.

Steps to Stellar Customer Service.

Awesome Beauty Gifts for the Holidays


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Do you have your naughty or nice holiday list all set?  Here’s a set of gift ideas for every ‘beauty guru’ in your life.


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Happy holidays!

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Target Holiday Gift Guide!

danielleartstylefashion holiday gift guide


danielleartstylefashion holiday gift guide


This post contains affiliate links.   If you click on one of these links and make a purchase, I will receive a commission (at no extra cost to you).

The holidays are almost here!

The months are flying by so quickly so we don’t want to get caught up with the frustration of last-minute shopping.


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Awesome Beauty Gifts for the Holidays

Blogmas of yesteryear:

Blogmas Day 1.


5 Tips to a Productive All-Nighter



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College exams are right around the corner, which means ‘all-nighter season’ is near.  We all may not be the typical Einsteins who remember everything thrown at us in class so these last–minute sessions are necessary.

I hope you’re taking notes because we’ve got the all-nighter checklist to get you started.

Gather Your ‘Tools’.

You will need some affordable pencils that you can chew on in this time of distress.  Then you must get some index cards to jot down short bits of info.  You can also add college ruled filler paper to the list.

Visit Dollar Tree’s website for other items you may need.

Shop For Pencils, Markers, Pads and Other Crafts Today! Only $1 Each!


Sensible Snacking.

The operative word here is ‘sensible’.  Eating small bits of candy and snacks is good.  Gorging yourself on huge platters of food, thereby inviting the dreaded god of slumber?  Bad.  Very bad.


Comfortable Workspace.


A comfortable chair and desk can do wonders.  As long as you stay upright (and awake), you’ll be fine.  If you try to study while laying across your bed, you just may fall asleep and defeat the purpose of this entire plan.

Have a lamp or lighting source that provides ample lighting.  This will minimise squinting as you try to focus on the task at hand.

FLOS USA features various lighting solutions.


Scented Candles.


Certain scents such as jasmine and vanilla are said to ease anxiety.  Want to improve memory and increase alertness?  Try peppermint.  There’s even a citrus scented candle that claims to boost work efficiency.  Find out more about these in the article ‘15 Scented Candles to Boost Your Mood and Creativity’.


Fact Checking App.


Who has time to go foraging through countless textbooks just to find a few slivers of trivia?  The Ask Bongo app is really convenient – all you have to do is text your question and you get an answer texted back to you.  Sign up and get more information at the Ask Bongo website.

Follow these tips to prolong your next all-nighter session.  I can’t promise a passing grade but a longer-lasting study period may just help in your exam.

You can also find out a little about Caroline Thompson-Business Development Manager at Ask Bongo.

More productivity-related articles:

5 Effective Time Management Tips.

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Switching From Blogger to WordPress – and Why I’m Pissed.

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Okay folks, I decided to get serious about blogging.  After approximately five years of ‘hobby-blogging’ on Blogger (aka Blogspot) I took the plunge and decided to switch over to a self-hosted WordPress blog!

Let me tell ya, this was not an easy decision.  I couldn’t find a single article which would properly reveal what would happen if I switched.  I found a couple of vague ones that stated I would lose all the precious SEO boosts associated with Google.  I didn’t buy it.  If that were true, why were so many people switching to WordPress and their blogs seemed to be prospering?

In addition, I learned that it would be difficult to monetise my blog if I stayed with Blogger.  Eventually, I made a promise to switch and at least work on making enough money on my blog to pay for the web – hosting fees. Btw, I already made enough money with my blog to cover my annual web hosting fees – in a couple of months 🙂

This is my process:


                                     Signed up with Bluehost.


I went with Bluehost because it was the most affordable and their fees included customer service assistance ( a yes for me, since I am as tech-savvy as a cucumber!).  You can sign up for Bluehost here.


                     Blogger Importer WordPress Plugin.


My next move included using the Blogger Importer WordPress Plugin.  My blog featured approximately 240 posts and this plugin transferred all the text and images to my new site.


                                          SSL Certificate.


I got the SSL certificate from Bluehost.  This ensures safer communication between your blog/website and the internet.  It also changes your site from http to https – this tells visitors your site can be trusted.


                                     Re-post Old Blog Posts.


I am now in the process of re-posting my ‘old’ blog posts.  This is because they are new links which have never seen the light of day (although they are technically old blog posts).


                                         Why I’m pissed.


I’m annoyed.  Why did I NOT make this switch sooner?  My old blog gathered around 57,000 pageviews over a five – year period.  This new blog has already gotten to 13,000 pageviews in two and a half months!  It boggles the mind.  I also made sure to download the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin to make my posts more search – engine friendly.  Nowadays I spend less time working on my blog, but I get higher pageviews.

I envision a more productive blog in the future and thank heavens that I decided to make the switch!

Read more of my blogging experience in the article Blogging: The Dark Side.

We would love to hear your experience if you switched from Blogger to WordPress.  Leave a comment below 🙂

How to Get Funding for Your Business


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You came up with a fantastic business idea and can’t wait to start working on this new venture.  The research and preliminary documents are completed so it’s off to a good start.

Or is it?

This business idea needs funding so you can start offering goods and/or services to the public.  One of the most popular options includes getting a loan.  Capital Alliance offers varied funding sources to small businesses.  They offer a convenient online application process to the business owner.

There are also other ways to gain funds that business owners may consider.  These are:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Business Funding Competitions
  • Credit Cards
  • Friends and Family
  • Self funding



Many sites such as Kickstarter and Razoo allow potential entrepreneurs to post their business ideas online.   Then interested donors can contribute to the projects that they think are worthy of their investment.

Business Funding Competitions.


These opportunities range from those hosted by US universities for students, to multinational corporations with much larger payouts.  In addition, winners get to rub shoulders with experienced persons who can offer a wealth of advice to a newbie entrepreneur.  Head over to BizPlanCompetitions for a complete list of entrepreneurship and business plan contests.

Credit Cards.


Businesses should consider using a credit card if they are a startup company and they may not qualify for a bank loan.  The use of a credit card is sometimes frowned upon because of all the stories involving persons abusing ‘the plastic’ with disastrous results.  What is the trick to working with credit cards?  Use the ones that offer low interest rates and cashback rewards.

Friends and Family.


Your friends and family are your closest allies when it comes to receiving advice and support for day to day decisions.  Why not invite them to contribute financially?  You may ask them to donate to your startup as investors.  It is also comforting to know that you have these trusted individuals closely involved in your enterprise.

Self funding.


You always have the choice of funding your business yourself.  It may take a little longer to gather all the funds needed however, you can safely say that the business is completely yours.  One disadvantage to this option?  If your business begins to suffer losses, the fate of your investment will be uncertain.


Capital Alliance offers funding and financial advice to small businesses.  They also provide scholarship assistance to those interested in higher education studies.  Potential candidates can apply through the Capital Alliance Scholarship page.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Gift Box


I was compensated for this post.  This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


Dollar Tree is my store for craft deals.   Where else can you go to find such a wide variety of items for really cool DIY projects?



All of the pretty and colorful craft supplies available on the Dollar Tree website inspired me to create a ‘blinged out’ Christmas Gift Box.

It was fun and simple to make – it took me approximately 20 minutes from start to finish!

I’ll share the materials and method for this rather unique – looking gift box:


Tools and Materials.



Crafter’s Square Decorative Plastic Gem Ribbon.

Tool Bench General Use Masking Tape.

Voila Colorful Wedding Wrapping Paper.

Crafter’s Square Mini Hot Glue Sticks.

All – Purpose White Glue.

Pair of Scissors.

Hot Glue Gun.

Cardboard box (I used a shoebox).

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!



1. Wrap your box using wrapping paper.

2.  Glue the ends of the wrapping paper to the box using all-purpose white glue. You can use bits of masking tape to keep the wrapping paper ends to the box while the glue dries.

3. Use the hot glue gun to add the decorative plastic gem ribbon to the edges of the box.

That’s it, easy peasy!

Watch how I made my Christmas Gift Box here:

Remember to shop for all your items at Dollar Tree, so you can craft and save!

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