How To Get More Instagram Followers


Everyone who is Every One knows about Instagram and wants to be an ‘Instagram star’ with a million followers.  Unless you are a celebrity of sorts, it may be very difficult to gain (and keep) followers.  Here are some tips which helped me grow my account in the past months.


Why do you want more followers?

This should be one of the first questions that you need to ask yourself.  Do you want an account to promote your photography business or let everyone know about your mommy blog?  Maybe you review donuts and you want to share this hobby with the world.  The answer to this question will reveal the type of Instagram account that you should have.

Have a clear and pleasant profile photo.

No one wants to see an angry photo (unless you’re a wrestler).  Most persons want to look at photos of smiling and positivity.  Be that profile photo.

Post high quality photos.

When I started to use better photographs, I realised that I would get more engagement and “Hey, nice photos!” type of compliments.  Taking a photography course wouldn’t hurt either.  I use a Canon T5i for most photos, or sometimes use my mobile phone camera in well – lit areas.  Shady nightclub photos taken without flash are a no no.

Stay on one theme.

Keep  all your posts similar so someone who stumbles onto your account will be able to figure out your theme at first glance.  Makeup theme?  Flat lays and makeup looks.  Food account?  High quality recipe photos and food reviews.  If your account seems wishy – washy and all over the place, you just may lose some followers along the way.

Use hashtags – at your own risk.

Choose your hashtags wisely.  When you use a popular hashtag, this gives the advantage of other persons discovering your post as they search for that hashtag.  There has been an unfortunate shadowban trend where posts are made invisible when certain hashtags are used.


I touched on engagement on a previous post that you can check out here.

Do.  Not.  Unfollow.

This has been a source of confusion for the longest while.  There are Instagrammers out there who follow accounts, wait to be followed back and then they unfollow.  This makes no sense and unfollowers are called out.  In addition, those who unfollow will not be able to build up an authentic audience with this method.

Beware of picture – less profiles

Some Instagram accounts without a clear profile photo may just be a business which prefers to display their logo.  Others may just be unfollowers.  Or lurkers.  Or bots.  Just beware.

Find your Tribe.

Everyone has different tastes.  One Instagrammer’s cat photos may not be appealing to some however, another’s hiking photos of lush wildlife may be very attractive to others.  Follow persons with similar interests.  In this way you will be automatically attracted to what they post.

Include some ‘typical’ Instagram posts.

We all know what some of these ‘typical’ posts are: landscape travel shot, poolside vacation, trendy outfit, restaurant food pic.  I’ve noticed when I include these types of photographs I get more likes and follows.

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How To Get More Social Media Followers

Do you find yourself losing social media followers or your growth is at a standstill?  The following simple tips may help get your accounts back on track.

Let’s say you’re invited to a party.  Black tie event, backyard barbecue or pool party – it’s your choice.  You arrive alone and an entire crowd of people are already there.  Everyone else is enjoying themselves.  They show each other baby pictures and swap funny workplace stories.

What do you do?  Well, you decide to sit in a corner for a few hours while nursing a warm drink.  Then you stroll around aimlessly – you listen to bits and pieces of conversations but give no input.

Eventually, you decide to leave early and inwardly scold yourself for wasting a few hours that could have been better spent resting or munching on popcorn with your cat.

Welcome to the world of social media.

That party?  Let’s pretend that party is Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.  You did not speak to anyone at the party so you made no connections.

You did not Engage with anyone at the party.

Engagement is the secret to increasing your social media followers.  Here are some tips for organic growth.

Genuine Engagement is Key.

Nobody appreciates when they are having a conversation and members are distractedly gazing in the sky or just talking about completely different topics altogether.  Similarly,  no one likes persons who visit their Instagram photo about their trip to Paris just to talk about the price of milk in New Zealand.  Leave a comment only if the picture interests you.  In addition, daily engagement is required for best results.

Find Your Tribe

There are pages, groups and communities for everything (believe me, it’s true).  Don’t feel left out if you think there is nobody else who enjoys making pickle flavored ice – cream.  Just type in a search bar and you will find a group with similar interests.


The practice of networking is essential to entrepreneurs.  Be sure to display your product or service on your social media account and share informative articles with your website link.

Do.  Not.  Spam.

We don’t need much of an explanation for this one.  Spamming is annoying and unwanted email spam can get you in a lot of trouble.

Use automated tools.

These help by sharing links to articles, blog posts, videos etc. on a schedule that you choose.  Some of these include Hootsuite , Buffer and Tailwind.  You can even schedule posts that will be shared while you sleep!

Hire a Virtual Assistant.

All the tips provided above take time and there are only so many hours in a day.  Ever wonder how some persons seem to have the time to spend with family, a full time job and thriving social media accounts?  They hire virtual assistants (VAs) who can assist with anything from posting Instagram photos to editing videos.   Search on Upwork for Virtual Assistants who can specialise on one social media account or help with all that you have.

There will be further articles written which will specifically provide growth tips for Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.  Follow DaniL on Twitter to stay tuned.

“You’re Fired!” Now What? 8 Tips For The Newly Unemployed.

You are ushered into the boss’ office.  He looks at you with an unreadable expression.  You already know what is going to happen.

Twenty minutes later, you can easily describe yourself as a ‘former employee’ of XYZ Corporation.  You are now unemployed and chances are, you still have a tonload of monetary obligations ready to greet you each month.

It can be a confusing and stressful time.  Follow these tips to get back on track.

Have an Emergency Fund.

It is not advisable to wait until you get sacked to start thinking about money needed for a ‘what if’ situation.  This fund should be set up along with your first job and approximately 20 percent should be deducted from each paycheck.

Create a Fnancial Plan.

This is not to be confused with an emergency fund, which is a set of money put away for serious situations.   A financial plan should include short term and long term goals: how much money you will be earning and saving in the next few months to retirement.

Revise your Budget.

Peruse your monthly expenses.  Get rid of unnecessary bills such as cable and mobile phone.  Contact your bank or other financial institution and modify mortgage and car note payments.

Go Back To School.

‘Lil’ of relates how she decided to pursue a Master’s degree in the medical field.  This was a complete career change (she had previously pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts).  You can read more of her story here .  Another option may include short courses in photography, cooking and web design.

Rewrite Your Resume.

If you were employed for a long time (5 to 10 years), then you need to rework your resume as you may be preparing yourself for a completely different type of job.  Be sure to add any work done on projects.  Did you chair any meetings or train any new employees? These are assets that may make your resume stand out from other job – seekers.

Work From Home.

This is not a new phenomenon – there are many individuals who work from home on a seasonal, part – time or full – time basis.  Jobs include virtual assistant, telemarketer, writer, medical transcriptionist and proofreader.  These can serve as new careers or simply a temporary method of earning money.

Voluntary work.

Get involved in a charity,  soup kitchen or environmental clean up group.  These activities assist in the maintenance of discipline and productivity.

Develop a schedule.

Keeping a daily schedule will help continue a busy and ordered life.  Try a new hobby or pick up an old one.

An example of a daily schedule:

6am                 Wake up

6.30am          Work out

7am                 Chores

9am                 Painting, Yoga, Jewelry making.

11am                Daily walk

12pm               Lunch

1pm                  Errands

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5 Effective Time Management Tips.


There are only 24 hours in a day, which is a horrifying prospect for most persons.  Whether you are a student with a part time job, a stay at home mom blogger or an entrepreneur with a wife and kids, you are most likely among those who strive to use every last drop of time available.

Follow these tips to get a firm hold on those 24 hours:


Don’t Waste Time.

Try batching your tasks –  do all your similar duties within a specific time frame. This results in increased productivity and less bouts of procrastination.

Why not outsource some of your more simple tasks that take up a lot of time?  Content creators are sometimes known for hiring assistants who will do anything from writing scripts to filming and editing.


Have A Morning Ritual

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs choose to wake up at 4 or 5 am.  Choose the best activities that will give a mental and physical boost.  These may  include yoga, meditation and jogging.


Plan your day.

Everyone needs a planner, there are even digital planners available.  Some of the most industrious among us manage to even plan by the week and month.  Use options such as Hootsuite to schedule social media posts.


Establish A Work – Life Balance

Set up ample time for your job/business, family and personal time.  Make sure each segment is well  fed.


Tidy Workspace

Cleanliness is next to godliness – which isn’t far from getting all your daily tasks done.  Who wants to waste time searching through the morass of their desks when the same time could have been used to answer some emails?

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How To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

This is a sponsored post.

The use of content marketing is widespread online.  Many posts and articles are published with the intent to promote a particular brand or service.  Despite the efforts of most entrepreneurs, these marketing strategies usually result in limited engagement and lackluster sales.

This is because most business lack an effective digital marketing strategy. A digital marketing strategy includes a number of steps taken that will help the entrepreneur achieve goals (with the help of online marketing).    These must also be done in a timely manner for the best results.

 Identify your market.

Assess the appropriate age, income bracket and location of the persons to whom you would like to promote. Would your product appeal more to senior citizens or teenagers? If your business specialises in sales of ski equipment, then the locations of prospective customers would include areas in the United States and Europe that experience the winter season.

Set goals.

You may find that short – term goals work best ( 500 more followers on your business page at the end of two weeks) or long – term (a 400% increase in sales by the end of the year).  These goals should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Set a Call – To – Action (CTA)

A call – to – action is simply an item on a web page that leads readers to take action.  This can be a ‘Buy Now’ button in an email or online store.  The button will lead customers to buy one of your products and you get sales.

Drive traffic to your website or social media business page

You can do this in a number of ways:

Social media marketing:  publish articles and social media posts that are useful to your readers.  Followers are more likely to engage with these types of posts.

Affiliate marketing:  use third parties to get sales to your website/online store.  The third party receives a commission for sales generated.

Email marketing:  attract customers with the use of electronic mail.  You can send emails to potential customers, alerting them to upcoming sales and restocked items.

Analysis of results.

Look at your analytics to assess what types of posts get the best results.  Your followers may be more likely to read listicles and infographics instead of paragraph – filled articles with minimal images.

Digital marketers

Digital marketers are experts at developing and managing digital marketing campaigns.  If you would like professional assistance in crafting an effective digital marketing strategy, you can contact Charles Lubbat.




Good Morning Snore Solution Review


A few months ago, a family member told me that I snore.  This was very surprising to me, so I eventually did research and found out about Good Morning Snore Solution.

I received a complimentary anti – snoring mouthpiece from this company in exchange for my honest review.  This post also contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on GMSS’ link I will receive a percentage of sales made through said link.

Good Morning Snore Solution’s anti – snoring mouthpiece is developed by a dentist and medically recommended for the treatment of snoring, as well as other sleep – related conditions. It uses a tongue displacement method and is made of a soft BPA –  free silicone.  Unlike other devices which are made of hard plastic and restrains your jaw, the Good Morning Snore Solution item is held in place between your lips and tongue.

When I first took the mouthpiece out of the packaging, I tried it way before I was ready for bed. I did this to make sure I could breathe through my nose while wearing this product.  You need to be able to breathe through your nose while wearing this because the device is held securely by your closed mouth.  This anti – snoring product works by squeezing the bulb while placing the two ‘wings’ between your lips and teeth. The bulb creates a suction effect and gently holds the tongue forward thereby preventing the tongue from blocking your airways during sleep.

The Good Morning Snore Solution device and carrying case, before I ‘unboxed’ lol


I unpacked, you can see the Cleaning Solution crystals at the upper right.
The anti – snoring device.


The device fits nicely in its carrying case.


The ‘wings’ at the bottom fit between your lips and teeth horizontally. You can see the bulb on the top.
You would insert the device into your mouth and place the tip of your tongue in the ‘bulb’ (the almost oval shape in the middle)


I began to get comfortable sleeping with the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece after approximately ten days.  On the first night, I did not squeeze the bulb too much so the device was not suctioned too tightly to my gums and teeth.  Therefore it popped out of my mouth while I slept and I woke up and popped it back in.  The device popped out again on the second night, but I managed to keep it in my mouth for the rest of the time, hooray! My throat felt less congested after the first night of use, I guess because my airway was more ‘open’ while I slept.

I experienced a little soreness on my gums (where the device rests during the night ) for about four days.  However, this soreness stopped after a few hours during the day.

I am quite pleased with this product and would recommend to those who snore and those who suffer from other sleep – related disorders.  You can click this affiliate link to purchase an anti – snoring mouthpiece, or a couple for you and your sleeping partner :).

Head on over to the Good Morning Snore Solution website (click here) to get a sound and comfortable night’s sleep!

Bestival Fashion Essentials


Who’s ready for Bestival?

For those who are not in the know, Bestival is a vibrant and colourful music festival with an awesome performer line-up and family-friendly vibes.

Good news!  Tickets are still available and the new Dorset location promises an easier commute.  Can you say ‘last minute weekender’?

Grab your ticket, friends and family and head on over to the south of England to end music festival season with a bang!

Here is or list of packing essentials to get you prepped:

  1.  Wellies.

These are a festival no – brainer, whether rain or shine you will be so glad you wore these.  Worried they won’t look stylish?  No problem – we’ve got a great selection of fun colors and prints that will perfectly match the festival spirit.  Just LOOK at those glitter wellies below!  If you prefer a more simple style that will go with everything, why not try an ankle welly like this one by Barbour.

Glitter Welly

Ankle Welly

2.   Mac

Don’t let a little drizzle put a damper on your day!  Go prepared with a printed rain mac so you’ll look festival fabulous regardless of whether it’s on or off.  We’ve got styles so chic that you’ll definitely be wishing it DOES rain.  Have a look at the floral patterned one below.


3.  Back Pack


Now all you need is a quirky statement piece to set yourself apart from your previous festival styling conquests.  This mirrored back pack matches perfectly with Bestival’s weird and wonderful vibe. It will fit all your essentials and is totally water resistant!

Back Pack

Check list complete, the only thing you need now is a tent!

Carnival Makeup Notting Hill Edition

I decided to do a quick Carnival makeup Notting Hill edition look.

You can see how I got the look in this video:

Here are the before and after photos.



This is the list of products used.

1.  Beauty Treats Face Contour palette

2.  Beauty Treats Heart Love Blusher palette


3.  Kleancolor Color Playlist Baked Shadow palette

4.  Morphe 35P eyeshadow palette

5.  NYX bronzer Daydream of Molokai

6.  Sacha cosmetics matte face powder Perfect Bronze

7.  Ruby Kisses 3D face creator Level 16

8.  MAC Prep and Prime primer 24-hour extend eye base

9.  NYX Minerale Set it and don’t Fret It matte finishing powder Medium/Dark

10.  Kleancolor Pro Sealer makeup setting spray

11.  Arista Vanishing cream for oily skin

12.   Thrive Causemetics Infinity waterproof eyeliner.

13.  LA Girl lipliner Mocha.

14.   LA Colors liquid liner

15.  Absolute New York Satin lip color Classic Pink

16.  Nicka K New York Ultra Slick lipstick

17.  Milani lipstick Double Espresso


18.   Jordana Complete Cover 2 in 1 Concealer and Foundation (Bargain beauty).

19.  Jordana brow powder duo Black

20.  Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue mascara

21.  Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow quad Blue Suede.

22.  Sacha cosmetics eyeshadow quad Provocateur.

23.  Sacha makeup brushes

24.  Cala makeup brushes

25.  Makeup brushes (can’t remember name)


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The Mixtress J Cosmetics Honey Shea Twist n Seal Butter Review

Photo courtesy Dawn’s Naturals

The Mixtress J Cosmetics is a company based in Trinidad and Tobago, I was actually introduced to the brand on the advice of Nelly B who is a local natural hair blogger.  I bought the Honey Shea Twist n Seal Butter at Pennywise Cosmetics (for those not from Trinidad and Tobago, it is a local beauty supply store).  You can take a peek at my Pennywise haul below:

When I tell you, this Twist n Seal Butter was a godsend!  My hair gets dry very quickly and when I start using a new product, it would work fine for about a week and bam! dry season hits.  I need to add that I have 4c hair.

Not with this product!  Firstly, the scent is heavenly.  I also like the fact that the smell is light.  What happens when we need to use more than one strongly – scented product in our hair?  Major bacchanal.

Its main ingredients are shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil.  I’ve found that my hair reacts quite well to products with shea butter and coconut oil.

The consistency of this Mixtress J Cosmetics product is thick, like a pudding so it kept my hair moisturised for a long while.

My hair is practically singing praises on my head right now because this Honey Shea Twist n Seal Butter made such a difference in my hair’s manageability and appearance.

Do I like it?  Well, duh.  I would also definitely recommend this product to those who may have issues with retaining moisture.

The next product on my list to try?  This Irish Moss Leave in Conditioner that’s on everyone’s lips.

Head on over to this company’s facebook page here to find out more about this product and others.

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