DIY Dollar Tree Bling Wall Frames



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No matter how hard I try, I can’t stay away from the DIYs.  This is the second one I filmed this month.

Here is a photo of the items I used for this DIY:

Danielleartstylefashion DIY Dollar Tree Bling Wall Art

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Easter Crafts, Supplies, and More At Dollar Tree!


Watch the video for the simple process:

Trinidad’s Newest Food and Drink Discovery: The Belly Biting App!




My first knowledge of this ‘Belly Biting Movement’ happened as I was driving in my vehicle with the radio on Hott 93, (bodow).  To be brutally honest, I wiggle like crazy when music plays but I stop listening when the ads start.  They’re interrupting my jam session – that’s how I see it.

Anyway, I heard the words ‘belly biting’ and basically nothing else.  After a few days, I realised that the ad promoted some sort of ‘Belly Biting Movement‘.  Around the same time, I glimpsed some Facebook ads that spoke about the same so – called movement.  I decided to click on the ad (yeah, I don’t regularly do this).  There was an event which invited investors, small businesses and potential employees.  Since I am a writer looking for local content, I promised myself that I would try my best to attend.  In addition, I am hungry about thirty percent of the time.  Why not take the opportunity to find out about new eating spots?

The event took place at The Rush Sports Bar and Nightclub in Tacarigua.  I was pleasantly surprised to observe Mr Kern Pierre personally greeting his invited guests.  When I spoke to him briefly, I found out that he was the Creative Director of the Belly Biting Company.

Guests were given the opportunity to socialise before the start of the presentation.  My belly warmly welcomed saltfish accra, sweetbread and other yummy bites before we made our way to the main event.

Mr Pierre informed those present of the Belly Biting Company’s main aims.  These include the provision of employment and the creation of a large food database, to name a few.  He also spoke about the BB Foundation, BB TV and the BB Food Court – all directed to assist small businesses.  The BB App users will benefit from safer, high quality food establishments.  These eating places can register for advertising on social media, radio, print or television.  The basic monthly fee for this service is $TT50, which is quite unbelievable.  Those interested can register ASAP by emailing or calling 1-868-310-9742 and 1-868-474-2591.

Mr Pierre further explained that the Belly Biting website and the App have slightly different functions.  While the app provides information on availability of eating places based on location and opening hours, the website will provide advertising for small businesses in other sectors such as music and transport.

At this point Mr Andre Buntin, Software Manager of the BB Company, guided attendees as they downloaded and explored the  Belly Biting App.

The following brief video shows the simple steps:

Interested in joining the BB Movement?  Follow the Belly Biting Facebook page and get in the know before the App launches on the 9th March, 2018.















Kylie Cosmetics Koko Collection Okurrr Matte Liquid Lipstick try on and review




Danielleartstylefashion okurrr lipstick review


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So hey.

I finally decided to try a Kylie Cosmetics product.  My choice was the Okurrr matte liquid lipstick from the Koko Collection.


Here’s my Instagram post.

Add me on IG?  Thanks!

You can see how it turned out in the video below.



Join, Earn Cash!


What is your favorite Kylie product?

Fashion Declutter: Getting Rid of a Decade of Dresses!


Danielleartstylefashion dress declutter

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Zaful Striped Fashion: Details to Win You Over

I recently realised that I seem to be a bit of a hoarder.  Just a bit.

Over the past few months I have been making other lives happy by gifting them yards of fabric, makeup and even craft items!

My wardrobe is extensive.  No, not expensive.  There is a difference.

Anyhoo, I kept putting off what needed to be done.  I have waaay too many dresses, most of which I don’t even wear.

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The Video.


Here is a video with half of my dresses.  I kept some and gave away the rest:


The Lost Stash.


Then to my dismay, I rediscovered a stash of other dresses that were in a storage in – completely forgotten.

These are the other half of dresses:

I remember hitting some clubs in this striped number – until one of the straps popped.  Sigh.

Trend-Spotting: Up to 60% OFF for Bow & Tie

This dress is kind to slender frames.  I’ve had it for a while and I still like it.

Would you believe this has never been worn?  It was originally made for church but I wasn’t digging the Minnie Mouse vibes.

This silky number is a maid of honor dress.  Worn once and never to be worn again.

Danielleartstylefashion lemon yellow dress

I purchased this solely to make a YouTube video.  It was only 50 bucks (read $US9 )

Danielleartstylefashion peach dress

I like this because it is more casual.  Fairy – like.

Danielleartstylefashion grey dress

Yup – this is another club number.  Wow, I really liked those short dresses in my heyday.

Danielleartstylefashion off-white dress

This is nice – almost businesslike.

Danielleartstylefashion red dress

Red club, party number.  This one needs to go.

Danielleartstylefashion yellow and orange dress

This may be retired into a vacation outfit.

Danielleartstylefashion grey and orange dress

This has always been cute to me.  Wish it was longer.

I decided to keep only four of these dresses.  Can you guess which ones?


Small Apartment and Storage Organisation




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For almost as long as I could remember, I’ve been living in a small place.  It would usually be almost a studio type – the kind of place that I could fit in comfortably.


Shop For Cleaning Supplies, Storage and Hardware Products Today At The Lowest Prices!


Here are some examples of storage items that I would use in my apartments.

small apartment and storage Danielleartstylefashion

Large Rectangular Plastic Storage Baskets


WWYF 180x150

10 Places to Shop in New York City.


10 Places to Shop in New York City


Danielleartstylefashion 10 places to shop in NYC


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Who doesn’t love shopping?

It’s even more exciting for New York visitors, especially those of us who can’t find some of these products in our home country (born and bred Trini here *flies flag*).

I visited NY in the summer of 2016 (it’s been almost 2 years, whoa) and I have yet to recover.  Clothing, accessories, electronics.  I had the opportunity to buy almost anything I wanted!

Here’s the New York vacation vlog:

We had to somehow cover as much ground as possible in 2 weeks.  However, we made it and I survived to tell the tale.

Zaful Striped Fashion: Details to Win You Over

Let me tell you, this trip was a whirlwind of subway rides, bus trips and Google Maps but we got the job done.

Queens Center.

I would have to admit that most of the shopping centers/shopping malls that we visited had the same stores such as JC Penney, Macy’s and H & M.  However, I really liked the food court.  There was an interesting choice of food – I could not get over the Boc Boc chicken name.


Manhattan Mall.

Manhattan mall Danielleartstylefashion

There was an entrance to this mall directly from the subway – how cool is that?  In my opinion, there wasn’t much for me to shop for here.  Except for Sephora of course.


Macy’s Herald Square.


This. Place. Is. Huge!

I would love to visit this store around Christmas time.  Pretty sure it will be a more beautiful experience then.

Should we talk about the cool wooden escalators?  I had never seen these before and doubt that I will see these anywhere else.


Green Acres Mall.

Green Acres Mall Danielleartstylefashion


Green Acres Mall interior Danielleartstylefashion

This shopping mall was located the furthest away from where we stayed. Think a 45 minute bus ride.  There was a wide range of stores here including BJ’s Wholesale Club.  My shopping crew got a lotttt of shopping done here!


Gateway Center.


GatewayCenterwalk Danielleartstylefashion

We described this shopping area as the most remote. The bus went onto a highway then swung off to get to our destination.  During most of the ride, I was thinking “Where the heck are we going?”

I also thought that the power needed to illuminate their ginormous sign could possibly run the island where I live.


The Target store was life – we ended up shopping here a couple of times. Btw, what is ‘multicultural hair’?


Rego Park Center.

Rego Park Center Danielleartstylefashion

Rego Park Cen Danielleartstylefashion


I liked this shopping center.  It was compact – most of the other shopping areas we visit were spread out and required lots of open-air walking from one store to another.

We shopped a lot (a lottt) at Burlington Coat Factory).  There was a nice variety of career and church wear.

Jamaica Avenue.

Jamaica Avenue Danielleartstylefashion

This reminded me of Charlotte Street in my own country – a place where you can get extremely affordable items.  This area has a pretty interesting history too.  Due to my ridiculous shopping, I had to return to this area to purchase a very huge and very affordable suitcase to hold all my new treasures.


Dollar Tree.

Shop now for Valentines day items at Dollar Tree!

Truth be told, we visited countless Dollar Tree stores.  Kitchen items, snacks, microwaveable food, stationery.  Yes, all those DT items fit into my suitcase.  I know you’re not judging. Strangely enough, each store we visited had something we did not see in a previous store. Sorcery, I tell you.


Designer Shoe Warehouse.

Designer shoe warehouse Gateway center Danielleartstylefashion


Designer Shoe Warehouse Gateway Center Danielleartstylefashion

I saw only one of these stores – when we visited Gateway Center.  A seemingly endless array of shoes – and some handbags.  I felt like my life changed that day.


Barnes and Noble.


Barnes and Noble NYC Danielleartstylefashion

I had only visited another Barnes and Noble store – in Florida.  This store is a must – visit on any book lovers list.  You can even spend the day browsing through publications.

BarnesandNobleNYC Danielleartstylefashion

Did I miss out any great shopping centres in NYC?  Let me know below!

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How to Deal With Toxic People


getting out of toxic relationships


We’ve all been around this type of person.  They can spray doom and gloom on your every move, idea or conversation.

Those negative people.

First of all, there is a difference between someone who may need to rant about their horrible day or their new awful haircut, and someone who persists in injecting negativity into everything you say or do.

I believe negativity is contagious therefore, you need to follow a few tips so as not to catch that disease.


Add a little positivity.

If you realise a quite pleasant conversation is quickly heading south because of all their toxic comments, continue with your positive slant.  Ignore their off-kilter words if necessary.

Let Them Know Your Stance

You can use a phrase such as ‘I am trying to be more positive’.  If you say ‘You are negative’, chances are the negative individual will quickly state that they are not negative.  This can lead to an argument.  Never argue with negativity.

Avoidance May Be Necessary.

If all else fails, you may have no choice but to minimise your interaction with this person.  Their pupils may begin to dilate, they may become angry and bitter.  Poisonous relationships are not worth it.

5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Work – Life Balance.

Be Free Foods Organic Grocery review.


How the Net Neutrality Bill Repeal Might Affect Content Creators.


net neutrality bill repeal


Net Neutrality is a theory which renders the Internet as an equal platform for all users. This means if you are a large corporation, a small enterprise or a consumer, you should not face any type of unfair treatment regarding your choice of Internet services.

In recent times (depending on when you read this) the Net Neutrality Bill is in the process of being repealed.  This was a Bill that the previous US administration brought into effect for a ‘free and open Internet’.


If or when the repeal comes into effect, we may have to face some disturbing consequences:

The Internet Service Providers will be able to block products and services that they don’t support.

These ISPs will offer Internet fast lanes to those who can afford the prices.  Fast lanes too pricey for ya?  Get in the slow lane.

Some ISPs say they will keep the notion of net neutrality in their company mission.  However, the appearance of the repeal means there is nothing legally in place to stop them from hiking up their prices or blocking particular broadcasts and websites.

The Bigger Half.

Larger corporations will be better able to afford fast lane rates so the products and companies that they promote will be able to reach more consumers.  On the other hand, smaller businesses including startups will get their products and services out to less people at a slower rate.  Imagine publishing delayed ‘Breaking News’!

Customer Choices.

When customers have the choice of choosing cable packages with startlingly different fees as well as varying speeds of Internet, they may easily choose the packages that are more affordable with more content.

Marginalised Groups.

Minority racial and religious groups, persons with medical ailments who use crowdfunding sites and LGBTQI individuals.  Groups use social media to bring awareness to their campaigns.  If these opportunities are lost, how will they be heard.

How it May Affect Content Creators

Free social media services such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter may become paid subscription services.  If this happens, there is a possibility that users may decrease time spent on these platforms.

What does this mean for Content Creators?  Decreased revenue.  If less people are on social media platforms, then there would be less consumers to buy your ebook, merch, printable planners, eCourses and other types of physical/digital product.

The list of persons who may be affected can be endless.  Some of these include:

  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Vloggers
  • YouTubers
  • Digital Nomads
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Real Estate Agents

In short, this may affect anyone who uses the Internet to promote their products and services.

30+ Ways to Make Money from Home.

How is this repeal going to affect you as a consumer or a businessperson?

Technology’s Dark Side; When Machines Go Bad.

10 hacks for the frugal socialite.



Spinach Ramen Soup Recipe


spinach ramen soup weight loss recipe


So here’s the thing – this post almost wasn’t.  This was because I had a sudden craving for ramen noodles.  My menu for the past couple days included lots of spinach.  Long story short, I buy spinach by the bundle and prefer to eat it all while fresh instead of freezing then cooking.  I gathered my ingredients, added some heat and here we are!


This is a light vegetarian meal or snack, not to mention the kick of nutrients you will receive from chomping down all of that spinach.  It is also suitable for a weight loss plan.



1 pack ramen noodles (3 oz/85g)

1 cup spinach

1/2 teaspoon dried cilantro

1 teaspoon paprika

1 dash cayenne (optional)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon brown sugar


Danielleartstylefashion spinach ramen soup recipe
Some of the ingredients used in the spinach ramen soup recipe



Boil spinach in 1 cup of water for 20 minutes.  Add ramen noodles and the remaining ingredients.

Serve hot.

You can view my recipe video below:


This is a great recipe to keep the winter chill at bay.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more recipes and other house and home related videos.

Here are a couple more recipes:

Day 1 Baked fish w/ brussel sprouts recipe #danilleanteam.

Geera Cassava?


The Future Is Here…Or Is It?



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If you ask the average man on the street what he thinks about the present global situation, he may tell you about one of many issues: an uncertain economy, a higher standard of living and disturbing healthcare changes.

However, many answers to today’s questions may lie among the many technological advances that pave the way to the future.

We are presently swamped with a wide variety of gadgets that are readily connected and available for home or office use. Here are some examples of smart devices which seamlessly blend automation into daily life:

Smart Home Technology.

The Logitech Harmony Elite .

The Harmony Elite is a universal remote that can control almost anything in your home. These include window shades, smoke alarms and wireless lighting. The remote also works with the Harmony App and the Harmony Hub.

Z – Wave .

This is another brand which offers a home automation system for added convenience. Household products are connected using a wireless frequency. Easily connect garage door openers, smart door locks and thermostats using a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Foobot Home Air Quality Monitor .

One of the factors affecting an employee’s job performance is inferior air quality. Specific studies on this issue can be found in the article, “Air pollution is making you worse at your job” . Foobot Home Air Quality Monitor works by keeping a note of temperature and humidity. In addition, the monitor also detects air pollution levels. If any of these rise above a
particular level, an air purifier or heating system activates to neutralise unfavorable conditions.

Smart Office Technology.


RELEX is a device that monitors the safety of workers by monitoring their posture as they perform tasks. If the device senses any bending, reaching or twisting that may suggest incorrect posture, it responds by emitting a light vibration. The Kinetic dashboard is perfect for safety managers. It serves to transmit the actions of the workers so it is possible to prevent
more workplace injuries.

Business Analytics Software.

Izenda software company offers self – service reporting and    ad – hoc reporting services. Their unique platform allows users to save time by using data to produce much needed information. This results in better corporate decisions.

The future promises to bring even more advancements that may continue to positively affect daily living and working conditions. Smart home items shorten tedious tasks and improve home safety conditions. Similarly, smart office equipment assist in decisions that improve workforce efficiency and safety.

Technology’s Dark Side; When Machines Go Bad.